Welcome to Cypress Creek Renewables – New York!

The New York state government has made renewable energy adoption a top priority, and cities and towns across the state are joining the movement to make clean, reliable energy both accessible and affordable. Cypress Creek Renewables – New York is a proud partner in this mission.

Cypress Creek Renewables

Local Commitment. Environmental Stewardship.

Our Mission

By helping New York State meet its clean-energy goals, we commit to creating a healthier environment for everyone.

Solar Promise

We promote U.S. energy independence and energy security through affordable renewables production and the reduction of our country’s dependence on fossil fuels.

Community Relations

When developing our solar farms, we work with the local community to address any concerns and explain the benefits of community-based solar projects.

Environmental Impact

We conduct a full environmental site review to avoid, minimize or mitigate any environmental concerns. If and when we dismantle a solar farm, the land is returned to its original condition.

The Benefits of a Local Solar Farm

For You

Locally Generated Clean Energy for your community
Less Hassle than Rooftop Solar
100% Renewable Energy Comparable to Current Rates

Your Community

Quiet and Virtually Self-Sufficient
Low-Profile & Small Size for Minimum Visibility
Economic Growth Property Tax Revenue

Your Environment

Panels are Zero-Emission
Zero Long-Term Environmental Impact
Safe for Wildlife & Birds

What Does Local Solar Mean For You?

Local Jobs and Investment

Cypress Creek solar farm brings investment into your community’s local economy, increased tax revenue, and construction and installation jobs.

Construction Process

Cypress Creek Solar Farms



Solar farms are constructed under the oversight of local and state building and electrical codes. Our farms employ the standard lock-out measures and posted safety warnings required of all high voltage power plants, and they are surrounded by perimeter safety fencing to prevent trespassing and vandalism.


After construction, Cypress Creek solar farms are monitored remotely, which means there will be no increase in daily traffic to and from the site.


Cypress Creek solar farms are quiet, emitting no audible sound beyond their boundaries.


Solar PV panels are designed to absorb light and are mounted at an angle that allows for the most light to be absorbed. It is not possible to experience glare at ground levels.
Cypress Creek Renewables – New York

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