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Cypress Creek Supporting New York Solar Power Effort

August 18, 2016

As global attention is placed with ever-greater urgency on the negative impacts of climate change, states across the nation are ramping up their efforts to reduce their carbon footprints. This change in mindset has resulted in a great shift away from fossil fuels and toward clean energy technology, such as wind and solar. Factors, including reduced hard and soft costs, coupled with government incentives are particularly making solar the clean energy of choice as we transition the grid over to a platform based on renewables. States across the nation are stepping up to the plate and enacting their own clean energy legislation, and one state in particular is really going the distance.

Currently, for solar power, New York is ranked seventh in the nation for installed solar capacity, but that number will likely change for the better over the next few years as the state makes good on new clean energy standards enacted by Governor Mario Cuomo in his Reforming the Energy Vision (REV) mandate. We have written about this plan before on the CCR blog, and we even created a handy infographic that outlines the overarching mission and goals of the plan. REV calls for an 80% cut in greenhouse gas emissions by 2050 and for 50% of energy to come from renewable energy sources by 2030. As a small utility-scale solar farm developer, Cypress Creek Renewables aims to help New York achieve its ambitious goals by constructing solar farms that will provide clean energy to communities throughout the state.

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CCR Is Dedicated to the New York Solar Power Movement

To help bring clarity to our role in New York’s clean energy initiatives, we have built a webpage that explains our role as a solar farm provider operating within the guidelines of New York’s Reforming the Energy Vision. We believe that New York provides one of the nation’s best examples of how state policy can direct our country’s energy infrastructure update in a way that is profitable and practical for citizens and businesses everywhere. For New York, solar power is just one piece of the puzzle that fits into a larger picture, which includes energy efficiency, infrastructure improvements and clean transportation; however, it is a significant piece that will provide the basis of many microgrid and distributed generation projects for communities large and small.

Our dedicated New York solar power landing page describes how we at Cypress Creek contribute to the greening of the state’s energy infrastructure through small solar farms with the capacity to power an average of 500–600 homes. These farms will provide clean electricity at fixed prices that are the same or lower than rates found in traditional energy plans. The webpage also provides details on our commitment to environmental stewardship throughout the development process and our commitment to working with the communities in which our farms will be located.

We know that the people of New York and beyond have questions about the fundamentals of solar farming and to help answer those questions, we’ve created an FAQ section that has many of the answers our constituents are looking for.

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