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SunEagle: Expanding Clean Energy In Texas

November 22, 2016

Cypress Creek Renewables is excited to partner with TriEagle Energy®, a trusted independent energy retailer based in Woodlands, Texas, as we introduce SunEagle, a new direct-to-consumer program that will make solar energy more accessible to thousands of households across the state of Texas. Through the new SunEagle™ program, residents in North Texas can instantly enjoy the benefits of solar energy—low, fixed rates for years and a 100% renewable energy supply—without installing a solar energy system on their home, apartment or condo. The program will provide innovative, environmentally friendly energy service to almost 3,000 Texas residents, who will receive 100% renewable energy and help support Cypress Creek’s 5-megawatt solar farm located in Walnut Springs, Texas.

With over 4 gigawatts of local solar farms deployed or in development across 15 states, Cypress Creek Renewables is the largest and fastest-growing dedicated provider of local solar farms in the United States and is well on its way to generating enough energy to power nearly a million U.S. homes. Crius Energy currently serves nearly 1 million residential customer equivalents in the U.S. through its family of world-class energy brands, including TriEagle Energy.


Walnut Springs solar farm, in the final stages of construction


Unlike traditional solar energy systems, no installation equipment or crew is needed to take advantage of the SunEagle program. Any consumer can sign up and start receiving renewable energy by the time their next energy bill arrives. In addition, local solar farms, like Cypress Creek’s Walnut Springs installation, create local jobs and revenue for the state, as well as support the growth of the nation’s clean energy economy.

As Rob Cantrell, Executive Vice President for TriEagle and Crius Energy, explains “Texas is currently ranked number one nationally in solar potential…The TriEagle team is pleased to find a way to unlock that potential now by offering affordable energy with powerful environmental and economic rewards through our alliance with Cypress Creek Renewables.”

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