Kerr Lake Solar

Generating safe, clean electricity and tax revenue income for Vance County

Cypress Creek workers at IS-46 Solar in Cumberland County

About Kerr Lake Solar

North Carolina Project DevelopersKerr Lake Solar is a 55 megawatt capacity solar project proposed in Vance County, NC. The solar facility will power over 10,000 single-family annually and will provide numerous benefits for the local community.

Kerr Lake Solar is projected to generate millions in tax revenue for local districts that will help fund infrastructure and improvements. It will also generate millions of dollars of new economic activity in the area, generate jobs, and prevent the emission of thousands of cubic tons of harmful carbon dioxide into the atmosphere.

Located on private land in Vance County, the location of Kerr Lake Solar offers ideal proximity to transmission lines and minimal impact to the environment. As part of the permitting process, Kerr Lake Solar will host community meetings ahead of applying for a Special Use Permit.

What are the benefits for Vance County?

Increased Economic Activity

  • Income for the community -- Nearly $3.6 million in tax revenue will be generated for local districts during Kerr Lake Solar's 40-year life. This is 24 times greater than current revenue.

  • Economic Impact -- Kerr Lake Solar will generate millions of dollars in new economic activity in the area.

  • Adding jobs to the area -- During the construction period, approximately 150 jobs will be generated and add an estimated $18.4 million to the local economy.

Community & Environmental Benefits

  • Blending with the viewshed -- The Kerr Lake Solar project site is on land with dense, mature trees that will provide screening of the solar panels from neighboring residences and roadways.

  • Kerr Lake Solar will be quiet -- The solar panels are quiet and emit no audible sound beyond the project boundary. Some equipment located away from neighboring properties produces a humming noise, like a residential HVAC unit.

  • Back to farmland and timberland -- The current agricultural use of the land is preserved and nourished and can return to farmland or timberland after project closure.

  • Improved infrastructure -- Kerr Lake Solar will improve the reliability and stability of the local power grid while increasing access to clean power sources.

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