Oxbow Hill Solar

Solar to Power 30,000 NY Homes

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60-Day Notice of Intent to File an Application

February 8, 2024: The Oxbow Hill Solar Project submitted its 60-Day Notice of Intent to File an Application to the Office of Renewable Energy Siting. Please refer to the ORES DMM Permit Application Number: 23-00060 to learn more!

About Oxbow Hill Solar

Oxbow Hill Solar is a utility-scale solar project proposed in the town of Fenner, NY that would be collocated with the existing Fenner Wind project. Oxbow Hill Solar has a proposed capacity of 140 MW, which will supply power to approximately 30,000 New York households. The project would connect to the existing Fenner substation and utilize existing wind farm access roads, limiting the need for new infrastructure improvements. The project would conform with the Town of Fenner’s existing community character of renewable energy infrastructure, ecotourism, and agriculture. Pollinator-friendly vegetation will be planted on-site to support nearby farms.

July 25th Community Meeting

In case you missed our last Community Meeting on July 25th, check out our poster board presentation and our Q&A to learn more about out project benefits, environmental studies, workforce development, and more!

Community Benefits

In addition to the environmental benefits of renewable energy, Oxbow Hill Solar will contribute to the local economy and the local tax base, while also putting downward pressure on wholesale energy prices.

  • Local economic benefits: New York State imported 26 million MWh of power in 2018 – enough power to supply almost one million homes for an entire year. Oxbow Hill Solar will provide a local source of power that will also support local jobs, taxes, and investment in-state.

  • New Source of Tax Revenue: Oxbow Hill Solar will increase local tax proceeds from the land where the project will be located by at least 10x without any new public infrastructure costs = an overall net gain to the Town, County, and School Districts

  • Collocation with Agriculture: Oxbow Hill Solar will include the installation of pollinator-friendly vegetation to support NY’s pollinator population, which in turn support local farmers. We are exploring utilizing sheep grazing to manage vegetation on the Oxbow Hill Solar. This work would be sub-contracted out to a local grazer, providing an agricultural business opportunity for farmers in Fenner and Madison County.

  • Host Community Agreement: In addition to property tax revenue, we will work with local stakeholders to build a Host Community Agreement (HCA) that benefits the community. An HCA aims to deliver local improvements and benefits directly to Fenner such as:

    • SUNY Morrisville Workforce Development Partnership – Internship and vocational partnership with the Renewable Energy training Center at SUNY Morrisville

    • Fenner Neighborhood Fund – Fund would establish issuing credits to neighbors of Oxbow Hill Solar project to offset a portion of their electricity bills

    • Ambulance District Fund – Donation to the ambulance district to prevent tax increases to residents