Join the Cypress Creek Renewables Team

Our status as the nation’s leading local solar farm developer is no accident. It’s the result of hard work by good people who are dedicated to making the dream of affordable, accessible clean energy a reality for everyone.

Why Join Our Team? Here are A Few Great Reasons:

  • We’re driven to be the best at what we do, so if you strive for excellence, Cypress Creek is a great place to start.
  • We’re financially strong, and if you like getting paid, that’s a BIG deal.
  • We’re a team that values the unique perspective of each individual.
  • We’re a community of listeners, so if you have a great idea and speak up, we’ll hear you and value your contribution.
  • Our employee roster reads like a solar industry “Buzzfeed Best” list.
  • We’re committed to diversity.
  • We’re serious about local solar, but we also like to rock climb, mountain bike, play soccer, hike, visit day spas, read books, spend time with our families and in general have a life outside of work.

I am an interested Landowner

If you are a landowner of 20+ continuous acres of land interested in placing a solar farm on your property, please fill out this form to see if you qualify. This form is for individuals who have not received a direct inquiry from Cypress Creek Renewables. We are currently siting developments in select areas, and may not be in your area yet. This form will help us determine your land’s eligibility.




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