Local Solar Farms – From Planning to Operation

Cypress Creek is an integrated solar company with a proven track record of solving hard problems and developing, financing, building, and operating solar projects with integrity.


Location is Key

The development process starts with identifying strategic locations that meet our extensive criteria, considering proximity to the electric grid, direct solar potential, and zoning and environmental regulations. We strive to be good neighbors and build relationships with local communities to increase our projects’ value to the area.



Financing Our Way

Since Cypress Creek’s inception, we have raised over $2 billion in committed capital through a broad network of repeat, sophisticated investors.

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Building Upon Experience

Cypress Creek Engineering, Procurement, and Construction has built over 1.5 GW of clean, affordable solar, and is recognized as one of the largest utility-scale solar EPC firms in the country. We have delivered on-time and on-budget projects to the nation’s largest utilities. Cypress Creek continues to build on our unmatched performance of safe and efficient construction of solar projects.



Keeping the Lights On

Cypress Creek Operations & Maintenance (O&M) and Asset Management provides best-in-class services for our growing portfolio of third-party and self-managed solar facilities. In 2017, we ranked in the top 10 for solar O&M providers in the US by managed capacity and were recognized for maintaining 99% operating portfolio availability.

The Cypress Creek Control Center (C4), located in our flagship Research Triangle Park, NC office, is the heart of our operation. From the C4, our team of operators coordinate with our nationwide network field technicians and operations engineers. The C4 is just one of a handful of North American Electric Reliability Corporation (NERC) – Critical Infrastructure Protection (CIP) compliant control centers in the country operated by a solar-only company.

Cypress Creek O&M also offers predictive maintenance. Our team of experienced technicians and engineers optimizes daily performance at sites, using drones and state-of-the-art technology to identify and correct site level anomalies.