News / January 8, 2018

A Family Farm Harvests the Sun, Generates New Family Income Using Their Land for Solar

A Maryland family farm is now home to one of Cypress Creek’s newest solar arrays, providing a stable source of family income and important habitat for pollinators.

When Rebecca Eaves gazed at the Baker Point farm from the school bus each morning as a child, she never imagined owning the property, much less hosting a solar farm. But when Rebecca took a call from a solar developer while ri…

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News / January 5, 2018


American solar developer Cypress Creek Renewables today announced that its construction arm of the company, Cypress Creek EPC, reached a major construction milestone of 1 gigawatt of solar built over the past 18 months, capping the company’s strongest year yet. In 2017 alone, the company built 800 megawatts of solar infrastructure in North Carolina, South Carolina, Oregon, Texas, Maryland, Massachusetts, Minnesota, New York, and Vermont. Cypress Creek Renewables’ 1 gigawatt of solar energy helped create more than 9,000 local jobs during construction.

construction workers on solar farm

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