Cypress Creek solar and storage project in North Carolina

Case Study: Three years of owning and operating solar and storage projects for NC Electric Co-op

In 2018, Cypress Creek partnered with Brunswick Electric Membership Corporation on 12 solar and storage projects to provide clean electricity and additional value to Brunswick EMC’s member communities in southeastern North Carolina.  Serving 79,000 members across four counties, Brunswick EMC's mission is to serve its members with safe, reliable, affordable power at the lowest possible cost consistent with a sound economy and good management. 

The solar and energy storage projects, which were originally developed by United Renewable Energy and are owned and operated by Cypress Creek, have now been producing, storing, and dispatching energy when it’s needed for more than three years and have saved Brunswick EMC members money on their electric bills. The projects generate and store solar energy when energy rates are low and dispatch energy when the demand is greatest, such as summer late afternoons or winter mornings. The projects also help Brunswick EMC meet its Brighter Future carbon reduction goals. Brunswick EMC aims to achieve 50% reduction in carbon emissions by 2030 and achieve net zero carbon emissions by 2050.

Josh Winslow, PE, CEO/General Manager, Brunswick EMC, said, “The Cypress Creek solar and energy storage systems have performed exactly how we planned. These projects contribute to our Brighter Future pledge to achieve zero-net carbon dioxide emissions by 2050, and also provide us with greater flexibility to manage our system in a way that benefits our members."

Benefits of Brunswick EMC's solar and energy storage systems include: 

    • Flexibility: As energy patterns and demand periods shift, BEMC adjusts dispatch schedules to keep peak demand costs low for their consumers

    • Autonomy: Energy storage as a demand management tool allows BEMC to defer or avoid transmission costs and hedge against rising electric rates

    • Revenue for essential services: Annual property taxes for essential local services. In 2021, the systems generated $22,900 in revenue for essential local services including local schools

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