Cypress Creek solar facility in Asheville, North Carolina

Cypress Creek expands portfolio of solar projects successfully developed in Virginia

Solar projects sold to Dominion Energy Virginia help build Virginia’s clean energy economy

Cypress Creek today announced that it has sold two Virginia solar energy projects totaling 38MW to Dominion Energy Virginia. Together, the projects are expected to produce enough power for approximately 9,500 homes annually. Construction of the projects is expected to begin in the second quarter of 2022. 

Earlier today, Dominion announced the largest expansion of solar and energy storage in Virginia history. The announcement includes these two projects developed by Cypress Creek. 

“The development of these projects is another step toward building a clean energy economy in Virginia,” said Dianne Corsello, Dominion Energy Virginia’s Director of Business Development. “Working together with partners like Cypress Creek, we are building a cleaner future for our customers, the environment and the communities we serve.” 

Last year, the Virginia legislature passed the Virginia Clean Economy Act, paving the way for 100 percent of Virginia’s electricity from carbon-free sources by 2050. The Act propels Virginia as a leader in fighting climate change.

Cypress Creek is a leading solar developer, owner and operator with a growing pipeline of solar and energy storage projects in Virginia. In 2020, Cypress Creek announced that it had sold a 63MW project to Dominion Generation, Inc., a subsidiary of Dominion Energy. 

“Cypress Creek is excited to be a part of the energy transition in Virginia,” said Noah Hyte, Executive Vice President of Development, Cypress Creek. “These two solar energy projects will create long-lasting benefits to the Commonwealth and the communities where they are located, and we are pleased to join forces with Dominion to bring these projects to fruition.” 

Together, Cypress Creek estimates the two projects will create an estimated 50 to 80 jobs during construction and generate increased tax revenue to support community services in the counties where the projects are located. 

Steve Lindberg, Chesterfield County resident who is an owner and the managing partner of part the land leased for the Winterpock Solar project, said “I’m proud of my community and the Board of Supervisors for being forward looking and getting behind solar energy in Chesterfield County. This solar project will preserve this rural, open area of Chesterfield from more dense development and also provide tax dollars for the community without needing community resources. Cypress Creek did a very fine job working with the community throughout the process. They took the approach of being forthright with people, figuring that the more people know about solar energy and the project the better they would feel about it.” 

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Cypress Creek continued a collaborative partnership with the Free Clinic of Powhatan to provide a $5,000 donation that supported the expansion of the Free Clinic into their larger office space. 

Connie Moslow, Executive Director, Free Clinic of Powhatan, said, “Cypress Creek Renewables donation to the Free Clinic of Powhatan says much about Cypress Creek Renewables capacity for compassion and generosity. It sends an inspiring message to other companies about the importance of their involvement in the communities they do business with. We look forward to continuing this relationship with Dominion Energy, a familiar partner of the Clinic and your new partner. Many thanks to both!” 

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