A photo collage of employees volunteering on Earth Day

Cypress Creek Celebrates Earth Day 2024

April 23, 2024 -- Cypress Creek Renewables team members stepped away from their normal Monday routines this week to make a difference in their communities. Across the country our teams participated in an annual company-wide community service holiday to honor Earth Day on Monday, April 22, planting flowers, beautifying outdoor spaces and cleaning trash from cities, neighborhoods and parks. 

“Care for our teams, our communities, the environment and how we use our resources is a core value at Cypress Creek,” Sam Hockaday, Chief People Officer at Cypress Creek, said. “Giving our teams this coordinated day to put those words into action beyond our daily work toward a cleaner, healthier future is really important to us as a company.” 

Here is how our offices spent the day:

In Asheville, North Carolina, the team collected trash from the downtown streets surrounding our office before the litter could make its way to the French Broad River. They also improved common outdoor areas by planting trees and flowers using soil created from the year-round composting of office trash. The Asheville office has been composting since 2017, diverting waste from the landfill and turning it into compost soil.

The Asheville, North Carolina Cypress Creek Renewables team volunteers on Earth Day, April 22, 2024.

In Durham, North Carolina our team combed the neighborhood surrounding the office clearing 13 bags of litter from along roadways and sidewalks. The team then took some time to plant herbs and veggies that they will tend to at the office this spring and summer. 

The Durham, North Carolina Cypress Creek Renewables team volunteers on Earth Day, April 22, 2024. 

In California, the San Francisco-based team grabbed their trash pickers and bags to beautify Golden Gate Park, removing 8 full bags of trash. The Santa Monica team spent their day doing the same in Clover Park. Both groups of volunteers worked hard to divert trash from waterways and create a cleaner, healthier place for their communities to enjoy.

Our California-based Cypress Creek Renewables teams volunteer on Earth Day, April 22, 2024.

Even without an office to report to, our remote workers across the country participated in the holiday by volunteering in their local communities to clean up Oak Spring Canyon Park, Huntington Beach and more. Their efforts removed everything from bottles and cans to old boots and hairbrushes.

Members of our remote team at Cypress Creek Renewables team volunteered in their respective local communities on Earth Day, April 22, 2024.