Cypress Creek Renewables is proud to launch the Energizing Tomorrow's Leaders Scholarship program! Scholarships are being granted to students in seven counties in seven states across the USA. We are committed to making an impact in the communities in which we develop and operate our solar projects, and new counties will be announced each year.

Awardees of the scholarship program will each receive a $1,000, one-year, non-renewable scholarship to use for tuition, housing, or books/materials needed for their program of study. Our goal is to help young people be successful and learn more about exciting opportunities in the growing field of solar and renewable energy and STEM-related fields.

Deadline to Apply is May 5, 2023!

Who is Eligible?

Scholarship recipients for 2023 must be graduating high school seniors who attend school within the boundaries of one of the following counties: Klickitat County, WA; Venango County, PA; Livingston County, IL; Galveston County, TX; Elbert County, CO; Suffolk County, NY; or Davidson County, NC.

Scholarships will be granted to students pursuing 4-year, 2-year, or certificate programs at an accredited community college or university. Preference will be given to applicants who demonstrate an interest in a career in the renewable energy industry or a STEM-related field but all eligible students are welcome to apply. Proof of enrollment will be required prior to fund dispersal, and scholarships will be paid directly to the college or university.

The scholarship program is open to students attending public, charter, or private schools, or who are home-schooled, within the boundaries of one of the eligible counties.

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Selection Criteria:

  • Academic, athletic, leadership, or other involvement throughout their high school career (community, clubs, volunteer, work, etc.)

  • Awards and recognition at school, in the community, and/or through personal activities and/or overall GPA

  • The quality of the student's Personal Statement with preference given to students planning to pursue a career in the renewable energy industry or a STEM-related major

  • Creativity and quality of required video

Scholarships shall be awarded on an objective and non-discriminatory basis, with neither race, creed, color, sex, age, religion nor disability being considered.

Additional Information:

Scholarship Committee 
All applications shall be reviewed by a committee comprised of Cypress Creek Renewables staff members. Recipients will be presented with the scholarship at their high school senior awards program, via mail, or at a school or community event mutually agreed upon by both parties.

The Application:

Before you apply, you’ll want to create and gather the following: 

Careers in Solar and Renewable Energy – Tell us what interests you in your personal statement 

From solar technicians, to electricians, to environmental engineers, trained workers are needed more and more each year to be part of transitioning America to a clean energy future! While some positions require 4-year degrees, many high-paying jobs in the solar industry require 2-year degrees or certificate training in the field. Whatever your interests and goals, we want to hear about your intentions and plans for your academic career or training program. Using 500 words or less, tell us more about yourself and your ambitions! 

The Creative Part! 

We are asking students to record and edit a 1-minute video (or less) answering the question: How Does Renewable Energy Affect Your Future? 

We encourage you to be creative! Act out a skit, sing a song, or simply present facts you’ve learned about solar energy and other renewable sources of energy and how they will impact your future. No expensive equipment is necessary – cell phone recordings are fine. We are looking for videos that find unique ways to educate an audience about the importance of renewable energy. (Any music used must be original or not copyrighted – when in doubt, please don’t use music.) 

Other Items to Gather:

  • Unofficial Transcript

  • The signed photo release form. You can DOWNLOAD IT HERE

  • Your parent or guardian (if you are under 18) to sign your application and photo release forms along with you.  

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Deadline to apply is May 5, 2023.
Please email questions to