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IS46 Solar Farm Becomes Operational

December 20, 2016

Cypress Creek is proud to announce that IS46, the largest solar project east of the Mississippi, is now operational!

Cypress Creek Renewables, the nation’s fastest-growing solar farm developer, announced today the completion of one its largest utility-scale solar energy facility to date. Operating under the name Innovative Solar 46, the Cumberland County, North Carolina project is located in the city of Hope Mills and is considered the single largest solar farm ever built east of the Mississippi River. IS46 will provide an estimated 78.5 megawatts of clean energy to homes and businesses within the region.

The Innovative Solar 46 project was developed in partnership with Entropy, a North Carolina energy investment company, and it will supply its clean energy to customers via a power purchase agreement with Duke Energy Progress.

As the largest solar farm project ever built in the Southeastern United States, it’s also the largest in Cypress Creek’s portfolio, which will exceed 1 gigawatt in operation nationwide by the end of 2016. Innovative Solar 46 will provide clean energy to an estimated 25,000 homes and businesses in the region.

“As the largest solar farm east of the Mississippi, Innovative Solar 46 is a great example of the state’s dedication to renewables implementation. As proud members of the North Carolina clean energy community, we look forward to seeing many more projects like this one through to fruition,” said Cypress Creek CEO Matthew McGovern.


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  • Barbara McGowan|January 16, 2017

    I made the unfortunate decision two years ago to purchase in the Town of Evans, Angola, NY. I own 27 acres once an historial farm. The last is fairly flat, areas of pine trees grown etc.. Questions, Our Town Board is attempting to Opt out of the 487 law by proposed Local Law#1. Public Hearing was last Wednesday with all citizens present, opposing this law. The Board adjourned to next wed Jan 11th I believe.
    Can you explain what this is all about?
    Are you interested in purchasing land?
    Thank you

  • Helen Marshall|March 24, 2017

    Looking for solar farm to service North Texas (Dallas-Fort Worth) area. Thanks

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