Looking Into Land Lease Options? Consider A Solar Farm

Local Solar Projects Start with Solid Land Lease Partnerships

Cypress Creek Renewables is a national leader in local solar project development. One of the secrets to our success is that we recognize the importance of the landowners with whom we negotiate our land lease agreements.

A Land Lease That Makes the Most of Your Space

When you think of a solar farm, you may imagine sprawling developments with solar panels as far as the eye can see—that’s not us. We are not developers of massive solar farms spanning thousands of acres; rather, we focus our attention on small utility-scale solar farms that generate anywhere from 2–20 megawatts in electricity.

Because of the relatively small size of our solar projects, the parcels we look at for land lease can be anywhere from 20 continuous acres up to 150 continuous acres or more depending on the project.

One of the benefits of focusing on smaller developments is that in many instances landowners don’t have to commit to leasing the entirety of their land. This way, landowners who want to continue with traditional farming or keep portions of their land available for other uses, have the freedom to do so.

Aerial view of a solar farm with trees and a red farm house.

So I Agree to a Solar Project Land Lease, What Am I Agreeing to Exactly?

At Cypress Creek, we are long-term investors in most of the solar projects we develop. Our solar farms are built to generate clean energy for decades to come, and because of this, we require a 40-year lease term. We are also in the business of “doing well, while doing good.” To this end, we make sure the value we hold in our partners is reflected in their compensation. Long, generous lease terms mean our landowner partners can rely on their land to be a source of healthy passive income well into the future.

Cypress Creek solar farm landowners are a vital part of our nation’s transition to clean energy, but despite this all-important role, the impact to their land, and to their lifestyle, is minimal.

Once completed, the solar developments we build are:

  • Quiet: Due to the self-sustaining nature of solar power generation, there is very little traffic associated with operating a solar farm.

  • Clean: Solar farms generate energy without any harmful byproducts or carbon emissions.

  • Use Minimal Water: Periodically we will need to wash the dust off the panels, but that’s about it for water usage.

  • Are Virtually Invisible: Once the vegetation buffer zone has matured, the farm will be hidden from view.

  • Require Minimal Upkeep: As a photovoltaic solar farm developer, our arrays have no moving parts and basically just sit there soaking up the sun’s energy. The simplicity of the design means there is not too much that can go wrong. We’ll have to provide maintenance from time to time and troubleshoot any issues that may arise, but other than ground maintenance, there’s just not that much to do.

  • Have Close To Zero Environmental Impact: When we enter into a land lease, it’s only after we’ve determined that the land is suitable for a solar farm in its existing state. Among other things, this means the acreage is flat, continuous and in relative close proximity to existing utility substations. Suitable land does not harbor any endangered or threatened species, and is not a wetland.

After the lease is up, we take down the arrays and return your land to its original state. We don’t change; we don’t take away.

Landowners – Consider a Land Lease with Cypress Creek

With over 2.6 gigawatts of solar farms either deployed or in development, we work with landowners, community members, investors and project developers all across the nation to build solar farms that deliver clean power to the grid. We are committed to smaller utility-scale solar farm projects, because we believe this is the best way to get clean renewable energy to the largest number of people.

If you are a landowner with 20+ continuous acres and you’re looking for a way to earn passive income, we’d love to talk with you.

Contact us today at (800) 385-1802. Or fill out the form at the bottom of our dedicated Landowner page and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible. This page is also where you can read a testimonial from a current CCR lease landowner.