O&M Services: Operating Projects with an Owners Mindset through Account Management

Ranked fourth for utility-scale solar O&M providers in the US by managed capacity, Cypress Creek O&M Services offers best in class business solutions for owned and third-party assets across 19 states. Our four-pronged approach consists of 24/7/365 Operations & Engineering, Account Management Services, Special Projects, and Field Services and Predictive Maintenance. 

In this post, Cypress Creek O&M Services’ Director of Account Management Kelsey Bobrinskoy describes our approach to Account Management. Kelsey been a part of the renewable energy industry for nine years.

Cypress Creek O&M Services’ growth over the past 12 months has been a time of significant expansion of our operations on behalf of third-party asset owners. As the leading U.S. solar and storage independent power producer (IPP) providing O&M services, we use our experience and access to all aspects of a solar energy’s life cycle to improve our operations and manage your assets as if they were our own. 

Operating your assets with an owner’s mindset, constant communication 
We now have a nearly a 50/50 split between projects we operate on behalf of third parties and projects owned by Cypress Creek, and we’re proud that most of our growth with third parties is a result of repeat business with satisfied customers. Each customer is assigned an Account Manager and Operations Engineer team to ensure all contractual obligations are being met, the client’s needs are being fulfilled and the project is performing at or above expectations. Our Account Managers serve as the client’s window into the excellent work being done by the rest of our O&M Services team, including 24/7/365 Operations & Engineering, Special Projects, and Field Services and Predictive Maintenance.

Dedicated Onboarding Services 
In order to handle the influx of new projects, we have a team dedicated to onboarding new sites so there is a smooth transition – whether that be from construction to operations, or from another O&M provider to Cypress Creek O&M Services. Our Onboarding Manager coordinates internally with nearly every area of O&M Services and keeps the client updated as we approach services commencement dates. We put an emphasis on starting out on the right foot with all projects so we can operate sites safely and efficiently from day 1. 

Building Expertise in New Markets 
Over this time, we’ve increased geographic diversity – the latest 1GW added to our O&M Services’ operating portfolio is comprised of over 100 projects across 17 states. Through this growth, our Account Management team has worked to seamlessly to maintain strong and responsive relationships with third-party owners, offer customized services and build experience in new markets. With this movement into new geographic regions, also came the need for electrical licensing requirements to be met in new states, new vendors and subcontractors to be vetted & onboarded, and over 100 new O&M agreements to be signed. Our Contract Support Specialist has allowed us to fulfill these needs and more, ensuring the broader O&M Services team is set up for ongoing success from the start. 

A sincere thank you to all of our third-party clients, both new and old, for growing with us and helping us shape our team to provide you with the highest level of service. To speak directly with a member of Cypress Creek's O&M Services team, please send us a message