Operational Portfolio

Cypress Creek Solar Energy Production in the US

In just two short years, Cypress Creek Renewables has grown to become one of the nation’s leading developers of renewable power. With more than three gigawatts of solar energy production deployed or in development, our solar farms and their utility partners are projected to provide enough clean energy to power nearly a million homes in the coming years.

Cypress is fully integrated, and it finances, builds and operates its own solar farms. This process guarantees widespread, affordable access to clean energy. Cypress has over 200 team members and has invested over $1.5 billion into solar farms and renewable energy production since 2014.

We currently have solar farms in operation or under construction in 15 states including New York, Texas, Oregon, Montana, Indiana, Georgia, Idaho, North Carolina and South Carolina. By the end of 2016, we will have an operating portfolio of over 1 gigawatt, making us the fastest growing developer of utility-scale solar farms in the United States. That said, it’s helpful to step back from time to time and take stock of what we’ve accomplished so far and where we’re headed.


Cypress Creek Renewables—Operational Portfolio, October 2016

Our operating projects are already generating clean power for homes and businesses in the regions in which they are located, and those in development will be soon!