Women in Solar: Alina Harrington

March is Women’s History month. As a tribute, we wanted to highlight a few of the amazing women that are helping Cypress Creek to power a more sustainable future, one project at a time. This week we are excited to feature Alina Harrington, Field Service Technician with Cypress Creek Solutions. Alina works hands-on with solar sites performing essential equipment repairs and maintenance.

What does it mean to you to be a woman in clean energy? 
Its pretty special for me being the only woman with a field service role at Cypress Creek Solutions. Rarely do we see women in this part of the renewable energy field so it's awesome to fill that role.

What is the best career-related advice you’ve ever received? 
I’ve gotten so much great advice over my short career but the best advice is to not let the fact that I’m a woman slow me down. 

What advice do you have for other women working in or looking to work in clean energy? 
You have to prove yourself and people like to judge your skill and knowledge solely on your sex. Any woman getting into this kind of work just needs to hold her head up high and push through that stigma. 

Cypress Creek employees embody 5 core values: Care, Courage, Creativity, Conviction, Collaboration. Pick one and tell us what it means to you? 
I’ve been so lucky to join a team that has my back at every corner, they look after me and guide me where I’m unsure -- care is such a big aspect of my day to day. If I didn’t have a team that cared about my growth or my success I would not be where I am now. Everyone is ready to answer my questions and show up for me when needed.

What is something outside of work that people would find interesting about you? (Any unique hobbies, special skills, party tricks. etc.) 
You can catch me and my buddies on the hog tearing up the back roads every weekend!