Women in Solar: Marisa Scavo

March is Women’s History month. As a tribute, we wanted to highlight a few of the amazing women that are helping Cypress Creek to power a more sustainable future, one project at a time. This week we are thrilled to introduce Marisa Scavo, Senior Director of Development. Marisa leads a team of project developers managing land acquisition, permitting, interconnection, market development, strategic partnerships, and competitive offtake solicitations across a 3.5GW solar and energy storage pipeline in NYISO and ISO-NE.

What does it mean to you to be a woman in clean energy? 
When I started in this industry there were very few role models to look up to in positions of leadership that were diverse. Since then, I’ve seen such amazing growth and appreciation of differing perspectives in direct positions of leadership. Now we have several women in our C-suite, on our board, and in senior leadership across every division in the company. Now as a woman leader at Cypress Creek, it’s humbling to step into that role for those newer to the industry or younger in their career. We’re seeing in real time a disruptor industry – clean energy – also disrupt the traditional approaches to diversity in corporate management. We get to be a part of changing our systems for the better every day. 

What is the best career-related advice you’ve ever received? 
Comparison is the death of happiness. I focus on what my strengths are and how they can add unique value to the team or project or company I work for. Constantly benchmarking yourself to others’ achievements will never be fulfilling. 

What advice do you have for other women working in or looking to work in clean energy? 
Don’t have imposter syndrome! I’ve seen this so frequently in talented, incredible women in this industry and not nearly as frequently with those that don’t identify as women. You are more capable than you think you are. 

Cypress Creek employees embody 5 core values: Care, Courage, Creativity, Conviction, Collaboration. Pick one and tell us what it means to you? 
Our world is uncertain – and that has especially been the case in the renewables industry. Having conviction in your beliefs, in your strategy, in your projects is essential to find success and move towards a more just and clean future. 

What is something outside of work that people would find interesting about you? (Any unique hobbies, special skills, party tricks. etc.) 
I host a 4-5 course community dinner series in my backyard! Having a sense of community and place is critical for me to ground myself. Sharing food and good laughs is my vehicle to get there. 😊