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Cypress Creek Team Members Earn New Roles for 2023

    April 7, 2023 – Cypress Creek Renewables is delighted to share today some key advancements of our team members within the company. 

    While embodying our shared values of Care, Courage, Creativity, Conviction and Collaboration, these team members have made vital contributions to the success of the past year. We thank them for their hard work and dedication as we work toward the growth of Cypress Creek and our mission to power a sustainable future, one project at a time. We are proud to recognize them and their new roles: 

    Capital Markets 
    Julia Zhuang, Associate 
    Lizzie Medford, Director 

    Ben Manuel, Director 
    Dmitri Moundous, Director 
    Katherine Bell, Project Developer 
    Madeline Symm, Director 
    Noel Swanson, Associate Director 
    David Wagner, Project Developer 
    Dylan Kaiser, Associate Project Developer 
    Emily Proutey, Associate Project Developer 
    John Eskew, Associate Project Developer 
    Raina Whittekiend, Project Developer 
    Angie Fiese, Senior Director 
    Christy Winer, Associate Director 
    Eva Milstein-Touesnard, Associate Project Developer 
    Lindsay Broughel, Senior Director 
    Matt Kozey, Senior Director 
    Michael Forte, Project Developer 
    Nicole Haragos, Project Developer 
    Marisa Scavo, Senior Director 
    Melissa Kemp, Vice President 
    Adrienne Lalle, Senior Director 

    Marcus Graefenhain, Manager, Engineering Analytics 
    Alexander Lorch, GIS Specialist 
    Annie Rasser, Manager, Development Engineering 
    Ryan Watts, Manager, Grid Integration Engineer 

    Finance & Accounting 
    Arch Moore, Accounting Manager 
    Cait Rush, Senior Project Accountant 

    Mary Friedman, Asset Manager 
    Alex Contreras, Senior Manager, Fleet, Finance & Analytics 

    Human Resources 
    Scott Vittitow, Senior Payroll Manager 
    Tim Zeleny, Senior Human Resources Manager 

    ​​​​​ Julie Alpert, Senior Environmental Manager ​​
    ​​​​​Jess Mosleh, Senior Environmental Analyst 
    Matt Hutchens, Associate General Counsel 
    Peter Stein, Senior Corporate and Regulatory Counsel 
    Kyle Martin, Associate General Counsel 

    Andrew Wetherington, Field Service Technician II 
    Mauricio Elizondo, Field Service Technician II 
    Chad Smith, Field Service Technician III 
    John Shannon, Field Service Technician III 
    Austin Smith, Field Service Technician II 
    Robert Motte, Senior Manager, Solutions Engineering 
    Bobby Eiseman, Senior Director, Array Services 
    Jonathan Kienzle, Director, Business Operations 
    Sarah Spinelli, Solutions Productivity Manager 
    Billy Joy, Field Service Technician III 
    Dustin Bridges, Field Service Technician III 
    Frederick Blumberg, Field Service Technician III 
    Graham Haulsee, Field Service Technician III 
    Jocelyn Conard, Senior Manager, Solutions Marketing 
    Justin Sims, Field Service Technician III 
    Tyler Harrington, Field Service Technician III 
    Julio Gomez, Field Service Technician III 
    Joshua Aldrich, Field Service Technician III 

    Structured Finance 
    Simon Tesfaiohannes, Senior Associate 
    Travis Bell, Senior Director 
    Jack MacWilliams, Senior Analyst 
    Lily Dinkins, Associate 

    Michelle Choi, Staff Tax Accountant II