CCR Partner, Solar Frontier Americas, Announces the Completion of Terra Haute and Brazil, Indiana Solar Projects

Historically, much of the solar industry news we hear comes from states like California and Nevada—places with lots of sunshine and a relatively long history of solar adoption. But, while California and Nevada may have some of the largest projects and may grab the most headlines for their regulatory issues, right now, in nearly every state in the nation, solar is gaining ground as a renewable energy source with mass capabilities. For example, currently in the Indiana solar market, there is enough solar energy being produced to power about 16,000 homes. That’s equal to about 150 megawatts, 14 of which come from two Cypress Creek projects recently completed in Indiana in the cities of Terra Haute (Vigo County) and Brazil (Clay County). These projects use Tier 1 modules from Solar Frontier Americas, one of the world’s premier solar module manufacturers.

CIS Solar Modules

Solar Frontier Americas manufactures CIS solar modules, which are made from copper, indium and selenium, and are ideal for delivering maximum electricity in real-world conditions. Cypress Creek has partnered with Solar Frontier Americas on a number of projects throughout the country and favors its CIS technology because it is one of the best choices in high heat and at times of low light, such as sunrise, sunset and cloudy days.

CCR Indiana Solar Projects Biggest in Their Counties

The Terra Haute and Brazil projects are delivering power to Indiana residents and businesses through a 20-year power purchase agreement with Duke Energy, the state’s largest electricity supplier. According to SEIA, the state of Indiana is projected to install 345 megawatts of solar capacity over the next five years. This is three times more solar than what was installed over the past five years and is another indicator that, as a nation, we are reaching a tipping point concerning renewables. As a clean energy company, we at Cypress Creek Renewables look forward to the day when the majority of our nation’s energy is supplied by renewable sources.

Street view of a solar farm behind a fence with grass.

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