Cypress Creek Control Center

Cypress Creek O&M Services surpasses 3 GW of solar under management

Cypress Creek Renewables, a leading renewable energy independent power producer, today announced that its Operations and Maintenance Services division has surpassed 3,000MW of solar and storage under management. In just the past six months the company has added 802MW across 69 utility and distributed-scale projects.

Recognized by Wood Mackenzie as the fourth largest utility-scale O&M provider in US by managed capacity, Cypress Creek operates 393 projects in 19 states, with a large presence in the Carolinas and a growing presence in Texas, Oregon, New York and throughout the Northeast and Southeast. Almost half of the 3,000MW portfolio that the company’s O&M Services division now operates are for third-party owners. 

States where Cypress Creek operates projects are shaded in blue.

“Cypress Creek O&M Services is a key driver to the company’s mission of powering a sustainable future, one project at time,” said Sarah Slusser, CEO of Cypress Creek Renewables. “Our team pushes the boundaries of performance across 393 projects and is significantly contributing to Cypress Creek growth as a leading U.S. solar independent power producer.”

At the core of Cypress Creek’s O&M capabilities is the 24/7/365 Cypress Creek Control Center (C4) in Durham, North Carolina. This facility allows the team to securely operate solar sites and maximize production. The C4 is just one of a handful of North American Electric Reliability Corporation (NERC) – Critical Infrastructure Protection (CIP) compliant control centers in the country operated by a solar energy-only company. In March 2020, SERC Reliability Corporation conducted a Reliability Standards and Requirements audit, making Cypress Creek one of the first solar-specific companies to be audited. SERC completed the audit with no findings. 

“As a large solar asset owner, we bring an owner’s perspective to each project we operate, whether it is on behalf of Cypress Creek or third-party customers,” said Marc Fioravanti, Senior Vice President of Operations. “Much of our recent growth has come from repeat business with customers across 19 states because our team of engineers, technicians and business professionals have proven our ability to gain the most value from solar assets across the country.” 

To speak directly with a member of Cypress Creek's O&M Services team, please send us a message. Services offered by Cypress Creek’s 120-person O&M Services team include: 

24/7/365 Operations and Engineering 
Cypress Creek’s team of experienced Operators and Operations Engineers provide 24/7/365 monitoring and compliance services, including North American Electric Reliability Corporation (NERC) Critical Infrastructure Protection (CIP) requirements. The skilled team is responsible for overall site performance and supports predictive maintenance and root cause investigations. 

Account Management 
A dedicated team ensures customer satisfaction and commercial compliance. The Account Management team has a strong track record of seamlessly onboarding new projects, building expertise in new markets and maintaining strong and responsive relationships with third-party owners. 

Special Projects 
The Special Projects Group within Cypress Creek O&M Services offers technical, financial and operational services for Cypress Creek’s fleet and solar facilities owned by third parties. The seven-person team conducts root cause analysis and corrective action plans to investigate plant under performance and systemic plant issues with the goal of increasing plant availability and production. 

Field Services and Predictive Maintenance 
Dedicated engineers and trained technicians work to optimize daily performance at sites, utilizing aerial thermography and state-of-the-art technology to identify and correct site-level anomalies. Cypress Creek’s dedicated vegetation maintenance team monitors the growth rate of vegetation to reduce shading and optimize mowing intervals. 

About Cypress Creek Renewables 
Cypress Creek Renewables is powering a sustainable future, one project at a time. We develop, finance, own and operate utility-scale and distributed facilities across the country. With more than 9.8GW of solar developed and more than 3.2GW under management, Cypress Creek is one of the country’s leading solar and storage companies. For more information about Cypress Creek, please visit