Cypress Creek Team Members Advance to New Roles for 2024

March 6, 2024- Cypress Creek Renewables is pleased to announce today the advancement within the company of almost 100 team members. 

The hard work and dedication of these team members has been key to Cypress Creek’s continued success and growth. Each of them exemplifies our core values of Care, Courage, Creativity, Conviction and Collaboration as they work toward our mission to power a sustainable future, one project at a time. We are proud to recognize them and their new roles: 

Capital Markets 
Andre Marcarian, Director 
Owen Jones, Director 

Continuous Improvement 
Adrienne Lalle, Vice President 
Pat Varley, Vice President 

Miranda Goss, Associate Developer 
Mike Storch, Associate Developer 
Catherine Walwer, Associate Developer 
Carolyn Salas, Associate Developer 
Denesse Elias, Associate Developer 
Chelsea Woodfin, Associate Director 
Nicole Miller, Associate Director 
Harrison Cole, Associate Director 
Patrick Harper, Developer II 
Rebecca Cheatham, Developer II 
Zac Bartholomew, Developer II 
Bridget Cuddihy, Developer II 
Katherine Cima, Developer II 
Bernardo Urdaneta, Developer II 
Jennifer Crow, Developer II 
Jess Mosleh, Environmental Manager 
Lauren Altick, Manager 
Dylan Kaiser, Manager 
John Eskew, Project Developer 
Emily Proutey, Project Developer 
Ben Manuel, Senior Director 
Justin Biltz, Senior Director 
Steve Kiesling, Senior Director 
Michael Forte, Senior Project Developer 
Heather Wise, Senior Project Developer 
Will O'Leary, Senior Project Developer 

Ryan Watts, Associate Director 
Chris Page, Director 
Mario Carreon, Director
Jamie Wood, Project Manager 
Chris Baralus, Senior Director 
Jeramy Williams, Senior Engineer 
Nick Hawvermale, Senior Engineer 
Marcus Graefenhain, Senior Manager 
Annie Rasser, Senior Manager 
Ashley Deitrich, Senior Project Manager 
Nicole Barreto, Senior Project Manager 
Rick Borecki, Vice President 

Sam Hockaday, Chief People Officer 

Finance & Accounting 
Anna On, Accounting Manager 
Kylee Berridge, FP&A Manager 
Aliyah Galindo, Associate 
Jacob Cathcart, Senior Analyst 

Human Resources 
Lindsay Reichert, Senior HR Business Partner 

Information Technology 
Patty Allison, Senior Specialist 

Helen Poladyan, Associate General Counsel 

Jeff Osmond, Vice President 

Madison Samuels, Asset Manager 
Clinton Purcell, Director 
Christopher Downs, Director 
Brian Case, Executive Vice President 
Brentana Locklear, Field Service Technician I 
James Adams, Field Service Technician I 
Jason Lee, Field Service Technician II 
Alfredo Aguirre, Field Service Technician II 
Gabriel Vargas, Field Service Technician II 
Salvador Meza, Field Service Technician II 
Jonathan Matthews, Field Service Technician II 
Bradley Roberts, Field Service Technician II 
John Mack, Field Service Technician II 
Seth Tolbert, Field Service Technician II 
Eric Gavina Martinez, Field Service Technician II 
Nick Szymanski, Field Service Technician II 
Jorge Marquez, Field Service Technician II 
Joshua Hawkins, Field Service Technician II 
Sean Scott, Field Service Technician II 
Tenzin Dhonsang, Field Service Technician II 
Thomas Labounty, Field Service Technician III 
Jeffrey Broch, Field Service Technician III 
David Hunt, Field Service Technician III 
Austin Smith, Field Service Technician III 
Barry Addison, Field Service Technician III 
LaChauncey Worsley, Field Service Technician III 
Austin Britt, Field Service Technician III 
Sebastian Bowen, Junior Operator 
David Mitcheson, Key Account Manager 
Raymond Diaz, Manager 
Jonathan Caillier, Manager 
Tyler Higgins, Manager 
Aaron Crumpler, Manager 
Chris Glimco, Senior Director 
Rich Mack, Senior Director 
Tye Purcell, Senior Manager 
Shawn Oxendine, Senior Manager 
Blake Hunter, Senior Technician 
Luke Sain, Technical Leader 

Structured Finance 
Grace Brittan, Associate 
Jack MacWilliams, Associate 

Supply Chain 
Will Clark, Manager 
Brian Denson, Warehouse Coordinator 
Yassine Aboumoussa, Warehouse Manager 

Ulysses Salanguit, Associate Director 
Michelle Choi, Senior Accountant 
Mindy Lee, Senior Manager